We are very proud to work closely with the following incredibly talented artists. If you would like us to help display your work in Tokyo, please follow our Instagram account and tag us in some of your work.
Kangarui Profile Image


Rui Yamashita is the artist behind Kangarui. She was born in Japan, raised in Kenya and her life experiences are reflected in each of her designs. A quirky fusion style, filled with colour and often with animals found in East Africa, she wishes to spread her safari love around the world.

Joe Allam Profile Image

Joe Allam

Incessantly driven to live the creative travel lifestyle, Joe is a creator specializing in travel photography and filmmaking. With a rapidly growing audience, primarily on YouTube, he shares the journeys behind his photos with an aim to inspire others to see the world through creative eyes.

JP OBADINA Profile Image


JP is a freelance photographer based in Tokyo. Rather than focus on one particular photographic style, he unadvisedly attempts a wide number of things, probably due to some form of undiagnosed idiocy. He enjoys street and landscape photography, and simple portraiture. On Instagram he goes by @jibesy, a nickname he picked up at school, the result of a misspelling of his actual name on a list of new year 7 students that was posted on the wall by the playground.

Chris Broad Profile Image

Chris Broad

Chris Broad is the creator of Abroad in Japan, a Youtube channel with 2.4 million subscribers and 310 million views focussed on life in Japan. In between his relentless traveling across the country, whilst lost down the alleyways of urban sprawls such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe, he photographs nighttime scenes with a cyberpunk twist. The images of the gritty, chaotic, neon-lit streets of Japan's cities at night, offer viewers a premature glimpse into the future. Gaze into the frame and be transported to another world.

Lisa Knight Profile Image

Lisa Knight

Lisa Knight is a photographer from Australia currently living in Japan. After burning out in her legal career, she quit her job, sold everything and moved to Japan with absolutely no life plan. After teaching children for two years, she is now a full-time photographer and videographer for the longest-running English language lifestyle magazine in Tokyo. While she shoots a variety of photo styles, from portraits to architecture, she is most at home surrounded by flowers and capturing the beauty of the natural world around her.

Go Suzuki Profile Image

Go Suzuki

A photographer who is passionate about, and specializes in, photos of mountains over 2,500m in height. Go likes to capture seas of clouds ('Unkai' in Japanese), the Milky Way and fascinating mountain ridges both domestically and internationally. His background is in street dancing and he tries to stick to the HipHop attitude of "Originality" when discovering his own unique view/shooting points.

Elora Pautrat Profile Image

Elora Pautrat

Elora grew up in the French Alps, a place that she says really shaped her interest in everything that surrounds her, especially her love for art and colors. Influenced by Ghibli films, Ukiyo-E, impressionism, City Pop and color therapy, Elora likes to create illustrations inspired by Japanese woodblock prints with a modern twist and a soothing color palette.

Taylor Jackson Profile Image

Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson is a Canadian travel photographer, and video creator. He got into photography through music - photographing live bands, and press photos. Now he spends the majority of the year traveling and discovering new places. Iceland is one of Taylor's favourite locations to photograph. Dramatic landscapes, volatile weather, and the potential to see the Northern Lights.

Nelson Wu Profile Image

Nelson Wu

Nelson Wu is a pixel artist and illustrator based in Toronto. He is currently working in the video game and entertainment industry. Nelson's experiences travelling all over Asia have inspired many of his artworks. Many artworks are based around city architecture and food design. These artworks are a reflection of those experiences; many contained as a frozen memory in the form of a looping animation.

Eiki Akiyama Profile Image

Eiki Akiyama

Eiki is an adventure photographer and videographer. Since his first backpacking trip to South East Asia, Eiki has fallen in love with capturing the world's beauty. From the incredible landscapes of South Africa to the bluest water in the Philippines, he's chasing the planet's hidden gems to inspire others to explore. Currently based in Tokyo, Eiki shoots campaigns for some of the largest companies in Japan.

Nori William Profile Image

Nori William

Nori William is a Tokyo-based artist who was born and raised in London. He uses his inspirations from Ukiyo-e, Japanese patterns and street culture to create whimsical worlds using digital and traditional mediums. After spending seven years living in this chaotic and fast-paced society, he became interested in mindfulness and introspection. Nori uses art to touch on themes such as nature, self-love and growth.

Gui Martinez Profile Image

Gui Martinez

Born in the south of Brazil and raised between there and England. He has been focused on photography as well as various art forms such as music, design, cinema, since a very young age. This understanding of a wide range of media has led to a sensitive and rich body of work in his photography which not only is very apparent but is also a key factor in the storytelling aspect of his images. After having lived in several cities around the world, he based himself in Tokyo where he decided to branch out and expand his career.

Tatsuhiko Esaki Profile Image

Tatsuhiko Esaki

Tatsu has been a storyteller ever since he was young. Finding a passion in photography and videography, he began making short films in college before graduating and going on to work in one of Japan's biggest news networks as a cameraman reporter. After a few years of telling other people's stories, Tatsu is now a freelance photographer and cameraman, traveling around Japan and telling his own stories as well as the stories of the people who inspire him.

John Seru Profile Image

John Seru

'Seru', as he is known to anyone that's met him, likes to create images that excite his imagination, and make him ask what happened to get us to this point? Or what happens next? He likes to feel that the pieces he makes are just 'slices' of a larger story, but most importantly it's an unwritten story, one which he hopes the viewer of the 'slice', completes themselves. Seru loves the idea of the audience creating the context, drawing on their experiences and feeling to fill in the missing chapters, that way, each new reading of the image will have a different effect.

Marina González Profile Image

Marina González

Born under the warm Spanish sun, Marina found her passion for street-photography as soon as she set foot in Tokyo in 2018 where she now lives. She enjoys wandering around the city and taking pictures, searching for a new perspective through which to show the world the natural beauty of Japanese everyday life. Her photos revolve around pastel sunsets, candid shots, and slice of life scenes.

Elly Tanaka Profile Image

Elly Tanaka

As a British-born Japanese, Elly says that she is lucky to be able to call both, London and Tokyo, her home. With a life of travel and experiencing different cultures, Elly wants to share her passions and inspire others to see the world.

Donald Baird Profile Image

Donald Baird

Donald (CodestarCreates) is a pixel artist and game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. His work is influenced by the console and arcade games of the 90's, and utilizes many of the same techniques and limitations present in those games. He first gained an interest in pursuing pixel art as a medium from participating in message boards dedicated to preserving video game sprite art for future generations. This subsequently led to his interest in game development at a young age, simply from him wanting to make one of his sprites move across his computer screen one day.

Victor Gonzalez Profile Image

Victor Gonzalez

A freelance photographer and writer who has lived in Japan since 2012. Through "Frame of Mind" Victor shares not only images of life in Japan with his readers, but also provides information, history, and a background to each shot. Victor considers himself a Jack-of-all-Trades and although he enjoys being behind the camera more, he's recently begun a journey through videography and documentary work on YouTube. Through his imagery, Victor hopes to inspire, educate, and give a sense of adventure for those that want more from their daily lives.

Andrew Valentine Profile Image

Andrew Valentine

Andrew Valentine is an American visual artist and musician working in Tokyo. Andrew’s main works consist of art zines, audiovisual pieces, ambient and electronic music.