Bimonthly Art Jams

Every other month, we host an online Art Jam, inviting photographers and digital artists of all skill levels to submit artwork inspired by a designated theme. Our focus is on fostering creativity and sharing artwork with others in a supportive environment. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, all are welcome to participate and contribute to the vibrant community.

At the conclusion of each Art Jam, our website showcases a gallery of remarkable artwork, all centered around the chosen theme. Additionally, our panel of judges selects a standout piece, which earns the artist the opportunity to have their work printed and prominently displayed at our next monthly event. For more info and to learn how to enter, please visit our Discord server.


Current Art Jam

July / August 2024

Reflections: Mirrored Moments

We are excited to announce the theme for our next Art Jam: "Reflections: Mirrored Moments." Photographers and digital artists are invited to explore the theme of reflections, whether in water, mirrors, or metaphorical reflections in your artwork. Get creative and capture those mirrored moments that offer a unique perspective. We can't wait to see your interpretations!

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Previous Art Jam

May / June 2024

Skybound Creations:
Capturing Flight in Art

Photographers and digital artists of all experience levels are invited to explore the theme of flight. Whether you're inspired by the graceful movement of birds, the sleek design of airplanes, or the whimsical fantasy of flying creatures, this is your opportunity to let your imagination take flight.

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Previous Art Jam

March / April 2024

Urban Wilderness:
Discovering Nature in Unexpected Places

From bustling city streets to abandoned alleyways, participants are encouraged to capture the unexpected moments of natural wonder that thrive amidst the concrete jungle. Whether it's a patch of wildflowers peeking through cracks in the pavement or a family of birds nesting atop a skyscraper, submissions should showcase the resilience and adaptability of nature in unexpected settings.

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Previous Art Jam

January / February 2024

Emotions in Monochrome

In February, we launched our inaugural Art Jam, inviting photographers and digital artists to showcase their talents. The theme, "Emotions in Monochrome," challenged participants to evoke powerful emotions using only black and white tones. The response was overwhelming, with a diverse array of entries that captivated our judges.

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Not to be confused with our Drink and Draw nights!

We also host incredibly fun 'in-person' collaborative art gatherings at our partner cafes in Tokyo. For more information about these events, click the button below!

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