Exhibit Your Art in Tokyo with Artedly

We offer digital artists and photographers from around the world the unique opportunity to exhibit their work in the heart of Tokyo.

Unlock Your Artistic Potential with Artedly

Are you a passionate photographer or digital artist with a dream of showcasing your artwork in the vibrant heart of Tokyo? At Artedly, we believe that art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location. Our mission is simple: to provide a platform for emerging talents and established artists alike to transform their digital creations into stunning physical prints that captivate audiences in Tokyo.

Below, we'll walk you through the easy steps to bring your art to life in Tokyo. From selecting your best pieces to the final unveiling in a bustling cafe, Artedly is your partner every step of the way.

Two Avenues to Share Your Art

At Artedly, we offer two exciting avenues for artists to share their work with the world:

Monthly Art Event: Every third Friday of the month, we host an electrifying gathering where creativity flows freely. Here, your art gets showcased alongside that of eight other talented artists. Attendees range from fellow photographers and digital artists to influential individuals across diverse fields like business, diplomacy, and the arts.

Prior to each event, we share the art to be displayed to our community via Instagram, you can see past posts here and here.

Cafe Exhibitions: Imagine your art adorning the walls of a bustling Tokyo cafe or restaurant for an entire month. It's an immersive experience that brings your creations to life, where coffee connoisseurs and art enthusiasts alike can savor your vision.


Displaying your art at our Monthly Event

Our monthly event is a vibrant gathering that unites artists and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. It occurs every third Friday of the month and typically welcomes around 70 attendees. If you're interested in displaying your work at one of our upcoming events, please get in touch via the form below. Once we receive your digital file, we will get back to you. After payment has been made, we will then print it at our Tokyo-based studio in B2 format, using gallery-quality materials.

Cost : $50


Displaying Your Art at a Cafe

We currently work with four locations across Tokyo, holding month-long gallery exhibitions in each of them. To display your work at one of these locations, start by adding your artist profile to the Artedly website. After our panel reviews your submission, we'll inform you whether you've been accepted as an artist on the Artedly platform. If accepted, cafe owners will then be able to select your art for a monthly display. When selected, we will inform you and once payment has been made, we shall print it at our Tokyo-based studio, maintaining gallery-quality standards before installing it at the cafe for a month-long exhibition.

Cost : $50 per print

Selling your work via the Artedly Platform

For artists who wish to sell their artwork, we offer assistance via the Artedly platform. Artists can sell high-quality, individually numbered versions of their artwork. We handle printing, shipping, and numbering to ensure a total stress-free experience. You receive 65% of the profits for each sale!


Do you accept physical artwork?

No, we only accept digital files (which we then print) for streamlined processing.

What size are your prints?

B2 format (aspect ratio 1:1.414) for uniformity.

Can I submit both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) artwork?

Yes, our hooks support both orientations.

I'm not based in Tokyo, can I still exhibit my artwork?

Absolutely! We welcome artists worldwide.

Once I send you my artwork, do I retain the rights to it?

Yes, you retain all rights to your work.

Can someone rip my artwork from my profile page?

Our website displays low-resolution images with watermarks, ensuring your work remains protected.

Can I change the artwork I display on my profile page?

Yes, we encourage artists to refresh their displayed artwork from time to time, just to keep things fresh!

Do I have to sell my artwork via Artedly?

You do not, you can absilutely have an artist profile on the website and choose not to sell your works via our platform. Better yet, if you already sell your prints somewhere, let us know and we'll happily link to there!