Display Your Art in Tokyo

Are you a photographer or digital artist looking to showcase your work in Tokyo?
Artedly makes it easy for artists of all levels and notoriety to have their own month-long gallery exhibition in one of our partner cafes across the city.


Our Mission

At Artedly, our mission is simple: to make showcasing remarkable artwork accessible to all. We believe in breaking down barriers so that artists, regardless of their background or connections, can share their creativity with the world.

Often, gallery exhibitions are reserved for established artists or those with ample resources. Artedly flips this script by offering an affordable platform where artists of all levels can exhibit their work without breaking the bank.

The Process

1. Choose Your Cafe and Exhibition Month:

Select from our curated list of Tokyo cafes, each with a unique atmosphere and audience. Choose the month you'd like to exhibit your artwork. Once selected, proceed to payment on our website.

2. Submit Your Payment:

After selecting your cafe and exhibition month, proceed to payment on our website. Once payment is completed, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to submit your artwork.

3. Submit Your Artwork:

Prepare your artwork in the B2 format (500 × 707 mm or 19.7 × 27.8 inches). Follow the instructions provided in the email to submit your digital artwork.

4. Exhibition Preparation:

We'll handle the printing of your artwork and coordinate with the cafe to set up your exhibition. Each frame will have a neighboring QR code linked to your artist profile on the Artedly website.

5. Enjoy Your Exhibition:

Sit back and relax as your artwork is displayed for a month-long exhibition at your chosen cafe. Engage with visitors and potential buyers who scan the QR code to learn more about your art.


Exhibiting your artwork with Artedly is an affordable way to showcase your talent in vibrant Tokyo cafes. Our current pricing model is designed to make it accessible for artists of all levels:

Current (discounted) Rate: $100 per frame for a month-long exhibition.
Regular Rate: $150 per frame for a month-long exhibition.

Prices include all printing fees.

Additional Benefits

In addition to showcasing your artwork to the people of Tokyo for a month, you also receive the following benefits:

1. Artist Profile on Artedly Website:

Your artist profile will be featured on the Artedly website, providing exposure to our online audience.

2. Introduction to Artedly Community:

You'll be introduced to the Artedly community at our monthly event, on our Discord server and on our Instagram page, allowing you to connect with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

3. Gallery Opening or Closing Party:

If you're in Tokyo, we can arrange a gallery opening or closing party at the cafe to celebrate your exhibition.

4. Promotion via Cafe's Social Media:

Each cafe will promote the exhibition via their social media channels, extending the reach of your artwork to their audience.

5. Print Sales Option:

You have the option to sell prints of your artwork through the Artedly website. Each frame has neighboring QR code that directs visitors to your artist profile, where they can purchase individually numbered prints. Artedly manages all printing and shipping tasks, and artists earn 50% of the profits. Many artists have successfully funded their exhibition costs by choosing this feature.


  • What is Artedly and how does it work?

    Artedly is a platform that allows photographers and digital artists to have their own month-long gallery exhibitions in Tokyo-based cafes. Artists select a cafe, choose the month they'd like to exhibit, and pay via the website. After payment, they receive instructions on submitting their artwork.

  • Can I submit physical artwork, or just digital?

    Artedly only accepts digital versions of artwork, which we then print at a Tokyo-based printer. The prints, whether photography or digital art, are of exceptional museum-grade quality.

  • How much does it cost to exhibit my artwork?

    The cost varies depending on the number of frames available at the chosen cafe. Currently, the price is $100 per frame for a month-long exhibition. This is a discounted rate; the regular price is $150 per frame.

  • What cafes can I choose from?

    Artedly currently works with five cafes in Tokyo: Alishan Park Cafe in Yoyogi, Joe Talk Coffee in Ebisu, Whiz Cafe in Kanda, Harry's Sandwich Co. in Omotesando, and Oz Cafe in Nakano.

  • How many frames are available at each cafe?

    Alishan Park Cafe in Yoyogi has 4 frames, Joe Talk Coffee in Ebisu has 4 frames, Whiz Cafe in Kanda has 3 frames, Harry's Sandwich Co. in Omotesando has 2 frames, and Oz Cafe in Nakano has 1 frame.

  • What size are the frames?

    All frames are B2 size (500 × 707 mm or 19.7 × 27.8 inches). Artists are asked to prepare their work in this format, but if necessary, Artedly can crop it. A cropped preview will be sent to the artist for confirmation before printing.

  • What if my artwork is not accepted for display?

    Before each exhibition, we consult with the cafe owner to ensure they are comfortable showcasing the selected artwork. While cafe owners generally appreciate a diverse range of art, they reserve the right to decline anything they find potentially offensive or not in harmony with the cafe's ambiance.

  • Do I retain the rights to my artwork?

    Yes, artists retain 100% rights to their work. They can also request to have their artist profile removed from the Artedly website at any time.

  • What are the benefits of exhibiting my artwork with Artedly?

    In addition to having their work displayed to the public for a month, artists receive the following benefits:

    Your artist profile will be added to the Artedly website.
    Introduction to the Artedly community on Discord, Instagram and at our popular monthly events.
    Option to have a gallery opening or closing party at the cafe.
    Promotion of the exhibition via the cafe's social media.
    Opportunity to sell prints via the Artedly website (artists receive 50% of profits).

  • How do I sell prints of my artwork?

    Artists can sell prints of their artwork via the Artedly website. A QR code next to each frame in the cafe links visitors to the artist's profile, where they can purchase individually numbered prints. Artedly handles all printing and shipping logistics.

  • What happens to the prints after the exhibition?

    After the exhibition, artists have the option to have the prints sent to them (shipping fees apply) or disposed of by Artedly.

  • Can I request a refund if I change my mind?

    Refunds are available if requested before the submission deadline. Once the artwork has been submitted and the exhibition month has begun, refunds are not available.


We also hold awesome monthly events!

Are you in Tokyo? Or visiting soon? Come and join the fun at one of our monthly events!

We exhibit nine pieces of art by nine different artists at each of our events. If you're interested in displaying your work at our next one, come say hi in our Discord server.