Second Drink and Draw Event
with Tara McInerney

March 28th 2024
We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for our second Drink and Draw event at Alishan Park Cafe. It was another fantastic evening filled with creativity, delicious food, and the joy of connecting with fellow art enthusiasts. Led by Tara Mcinerney, participants had the opportunity to explore new drawing techniques and engage in two exciting activities: Exquisite Corpse and a Big Draw. Take a look at some highlights from the event captured in the snapshots below!

Event Gallery

Exquisite Corpse

A standout moment from the evening was the Exquisite Corpse activity, a game where each participant contributes to a sheet of paper by drawing a section of a character before folding to conceal their work, before passing it on to the next player. This collaborative technique gained traction in artistic circles during the 1920s, particularly among Surrealist artists, who used it to create unique compositions collectively. Dive into the gallery below to witness the incredible results!